Quality Policy

Sentes-Bir A.Ş. aims to meet the expectations of the parties and to provide the satisfaction, the most perfect product and after-sales service to its customers on time and at reasonable prices.

For this purpose;

  • To maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and to continuously improve it,
  • To keep safety and quality elements in the forefront of automotive group, aviation group and medical products,
  • To apply the issues required by national and international laws and regulations in all processes,
  • To be a company that brings continuous innovations in the country's market by closely following technology and competitors,
  • By understanding customer expectations well, dental powders are committed to developing a healthy and beneficial relationship between the laboratory and the physician.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

At Sentes-Bir A.Ş., measures and practices for occupational health and safety are considered an indispensable element of the working and production process. The principles adopted within this framework are listed below.

  • To comply with the occupational health and safety legislation in force,
  • To continuously improve activities related to occupational health and safety,
  • To ensure that hazards are identified and eliminated in advance by conducting timely and accurate risk analysis,
  • To raise awareness of employees about occupational health and safety,
  • To meet the identified resource needs related to occupational health and safety in a timely manner.

Environmental Policy

At Sentes-BİR A.Ş., it aims to minimize the negative effects on the environment in all its processes. To achieve this goal;

  • To comply with the approved international legal regulations, national laws / regulations and other obligations related to the environment,
  • To prevent environmental pollution, to reduce wastes at source, to recover as much as possible, to dispose of or have unrecovered wastes disposed of without harming the environment,
  • It is committed to reducing the use of natural resources by continuously improving environmental performance,

Çağrı Gürbüz
Managing Director