PURESPHERE Powders for Additive Manufacturing

ForteCoat PTA Welding Powders

Additive manufacturing is the next step in fast developing world of technology.

Sentes-BIR offers PURESPHERE metal powders for all additive manufacturing applications:

  • LBM Laser Beam Melting
  • SLS Selective Laser Sintering
  • SLM Selective Laser Melting
  • DMLS Direct Metal Laser Sintering
  • EBM Electron Beam Melting
  • LMD Laser Metal Deposition
Alloy Groups
Copper Cu, CuSn, CuCrNiSi, other Copper alloys
Nickel Alloys 625, 718, Alloy X
Cobat Alloys CoCr ASTM F75, Co1,Co6, Co21, Co12, CoCrWMo and CoCrW for Dental applications
Stainless Steels 304L, 316L, 17-4 PH
Available Particle Sizes
Particle Size
15-45 µm, 20-63 µm, <16 µm
45-106 µm
45-125 µm

* Other or customer specific particle sizes are available.